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Drainage System

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Drainage Correction
& Root Barries

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Surface & French Drains

Surface Drains are a catch basin with a grate over the top of them at ground level that allows surface water to flow into them and into a solid pipe that runs to a lower area to discharge as the street or storm drains.

French Drains are used to collect sub-surface water, not surface water! French Drains are a trench in the ground, lined with a GeoTech cloth that allows water but not soil to penetrate.


A solid PVC pipe that has holes is placed at 5 & 7 O’Clock positions, then the trench is filled with gravel and the cloth is folded over at ground level. This creates a barrier to stop water and protection and a sponge to draw water away from an area that needs to be kept dry. When a French Drain is installed to prevent water from penetrating under a pier and beam foundation, the drain needs to be at least 6 inches below the perimeter beam.

Special note* CGreens uses only SDR 35 solid, smooth bore PVC pipe. It is the same thickness as Schedule 40 pipe but is not used for pressure. Heck, you can just about drive over it! We do NOT use the black, flexible ADS rolls of pipe as it will crush very easy even when backfilling the trench!.


Sump Pump

Sump Pumps and Pits are utilized in situations where there is not enough slope to discharge to a Surface Drain. Also, French Drains are typically deeper, and will need a pump to discharge water up and out to an area away from the collection points.

The pumps that we install are commercial grade and can pump debris up to 1 ½” in diameter. We install check valves, unions and alarms when necessary.

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Erosion Control

There are a variety of ways to hold soil and keep it from washing away. A retaining wall is an option that would be appropriate. There are many types of materials to use for the wall, from railroad ties, landscape timbers, concrete stones that look fairly natural to many types and colors of native stone, which would be a beautiful addition to a landscape.

Of course, plant material such as ground cover or grass is great as an erosion control mechanism if you have the correct amount of sun and water. You may have a temporary need during construction that we can help with by utilizing special cloths designed specifically for erosion control

Large Garden

 We are the experts at lawn & landscape drainage and drainage repair. Whether it’s a French Drain, Surface Drain, Catch Basin, Sump Pump, re-grading for proper slope or sealing a foundation wall, our team has the training and experience to deal with any drainage problem.

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