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Landscape Lighting

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Professional Landscape Lighting
Dallas - Fort Worth

Enjoy your garden as darkness falls with a professionally designed and installed landscape lighting system that transforms your landscape and outdoor living areas. A well-designed system can increase security and safety, extend the usefulness of your landscape into nightfall, as well as create dramatic focal points.

CGreens serves the communities of
Frisco, Plano, North Dallas, Highland Park
and beyond.

. Whether you are entertaining guests outdoors, or simply enjoying a quiet evening under the stars, outdoor lighting is the perfect way to showcase your beautiful home and landscape design after hours. From creatively brightening your property’s foliage and trees, to accentuating your home’s most elegant architectural features, to beautifully brightening garden paths, our landscape designer will work with you to create to perfect ambiance for your outdoor environment.

Accent Lights

These flexible systems offer stand-alone lighting to highlight your favorite spots.

LED lights

Use LEDs when you need brightness and longevity, all in one product!

Low Voltage Lighting

Keep your yard bright without using a ton of electricity. These lights are small but bright!

Mercury Vapor

If strength is what you’re looking for, these lights may be for you. They provide strong light for wide areas.


Path Lights

Create a lighted wonderland that illuminates your home’s sidewalk or path.


Wash Lights

Create an environment unique to your home with these lights that provide color-filling options.

the process.

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